Printing through Duet UI

Protobot : Printing thorugh Duet UI

Protobot : Printing thorugh Duet UI

You can also use other slicing software with the printer using the Duet UI.

Note: you can only do single printer prints this way.


PrusaSlicer is a popular slice that will work with the AMBOTS C1 printer, so you can use the two programs with the same slicer profiles interchangeably.

1. Setting up PrusaSlicer

🟪 Download PrusaSlicer at the link here:

While the AMBOTS UI uses prusaslicer, I cannot guarantee that the AMBOTS UI has the latest version.

🟦 During the setup process, the configuration wizard will ask you to set up printers. You don’t need to set up any printers as they will be set up with the configuration file in the next step; however the setup process may require you to select one printer.

🟩 Download the configuration .ini file here:

  • In PrusaSlicer, in the upper left navigate to File>Import>Import config bundle.
  • Select the downloaded file to import.

🟨 The drop-down menus in the upper right should populate with setting presets.

🟧 Select the printer in the “Printer” drop-down that matches the nozzle diameter. (The AMB C1 comes with a 0.8mm nozzle by default)

2. Slicing with PrusaSlicer

This guide does not go over PrusaSlicer in detail. For more information, visit Prusa’s knowledge base:

🟪 Upload a file with the “add” button.

🟦 Move the model with the Arrange button and the left toolbar.

🟩 Select the Printer, filament, and layer height desired from the drop-downs in the upper right.

🟨 Press “Slice now” when ready.

🟧 After slicing, press the “Export G-code” button and save the file to your computer.

3. Starting a print in Duet UI

🟪 Plug into the printer USB and use the AMBOTS Connecting Assistant to find out the printer id or the IP address, which can be recorded during the initial setup.

🗈The IP address will show up in the console if the printer is connected to the internet.

🟦 While connected to the same network as the printer. Go to the address below in your browser.

amb-"printer id".local/

Replacing “printer id” with your printers id number. In the example above, it will be amb-170.local/ for printer with an id of 170.

❌If you changed the printer name, the address would be “printer name”.local/ ; however, we do NOT currently support changing the names of the printers in the hub and AMBOTS UI, and doing so will make them not be recognized by the programs.

🟩 Navigate to the “jobs” tab in Duet UI.

  • If you have done other prints from the AMBOTS UI, those files will appear here.
  • 🟨 Select the “Upload G-Code File(s)” button and select the file you sliced in PrusaSlicer.

    🟧 Once the file is uploaded, select the file and press “yes” when prompted to start the print.

    🟥 You will be taken to the “status” page in Duet UI and the print will begin.

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