Four modular AMBOTS C1 printers

Cooperative 3D Printing

With the AMB-C1 cooperative 3D printer, 3D printers work together. This offers versatility like no other with its adaptive build volume. Whether you are wanting to print massive monolithic parts or many smaller ones, these printers are the perfect solution.

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  • First Cooperative Printer

    First 3D printing system on
    the market that allows multiple machines to collaborate on a single print job.

  • Faster Print Times

    By dividing up the work between multiple printers, large prints finish faster.

  • Increased Output

    The printers can work on multiple print jobs simultaneously for times when you do not need large scale printing.

  • Automated

    The division of large print jobs is done automatically, so starting a cooperative print job is as simple as starting a single printer job.

  • Cost Effective

    The AMBOTS C1 system has a lower cost per volume than the other large format 3D printers on the market.

  • Reliability & Safety

    The AMBOTS C1 has multiple sensors to detect filament runout, layer shifts, motor failures and power outages to keep your print running.