AMB Hub Initial Setup

AMB Hub Initial Setup

AMB Hub Initial Setup

🚦Difficulty easy

📃 Steps 7

⏱ Estimated Time 10 minutes

Step 1: Unboxing

In the hub box there are a couple items:

🟪 Hub PC

🟦 Power cord


Step 2: Connections

🟪 Plug in the power cord into the Hub PC.

Once connected to power the PC should boot automatically, if this does not happen just press the power button.

🟦 If using ethernet, plug an ethernet cable in.

🗈We recommend a wired ethernet connection rather than WiFi, though either will work.

❌The hub must be connected to the same network as the printers and the UI.

Step 3: WiFi


  • If using WiFi, you will need to connect a monitor to the PC and setup the WiFi connection in Ubuntu.


The hub should boot into the desktop with no login at this time; however this is subject to change.


Step 4: Checking Connection with the UI


  • Opening the UI (on the same network) you can check your connection to the hub.


🟪 Both icons in the lower right of the UI will be green.

  • left icon shows the app is online


  • right icon shows the hub is on


🟦 Go to the hub watcher panel in the UI.

🟩 In the top of the hub watcher panel, there should be a hub IP address.

🟨 The nodes will not be running automatically, so before you send a print, click the “Start Hub Nodes” button at the bottom of the hub watcher panel.

  • When pressed, give it a moment to launch, but all the nodes except the “maincom” node should start and show a ✅ in their row.


Step 6: Useful commands to know

If you run into issues, here are a few useful console commands to know for the hub.

rb;     reboots the hub
up;     updates
gitup;  updates then does a fresh git pull
ros;    dispays the node statuses, ip address of the hub, and hub id number
build;  rebuilds the nodes

There is also a file on the desktop listing commands including how to reinstall the hub. This may be removed in the future.

Step 7: Section Complete


  • The hub is now ready for use.


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